Do you want to do business and live in The Netherlands. We can help you set up your business and get a work permit. For all your legal issues please contact us!

US (Daft Visa) and Japanese (Djft Visa) citizens who want to start a business in The Netherlands have the opportunity to get their residency permit and start their business by applying for the Dutch American friendship treaty.

The basic requirements of the permit are: 

› Registration at a local municipality in the Netherlands 

› Registration of a qualifying company at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) .

› Certification that the required capital investment has been deposited in a Dutch business bank account.

› Maintaining the capital investment for the duration of the permit. 

A good business plan and a solid financial plan are necessary to apply for the residency permit. We offer advice on how to successfully gain your residency permit. Furthermore we offer advice on the settlement of a company in The Netherlands regarding regulations, taxes and other requirements.

We link our clients to advisers on researching the market, strategic alliances and other business affairs, if necessary. If you are interested we can make an appointment to discuss the possible engagement of my services. Give my a call or send me an email.